About the Studio

Carrie has years of experience teaching vocal technique as well as song interpretation, repertoire, and audition technique to all ages and experience levels. Recently she started a voice studio that continues to grow with the normalization of virtual lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic. FaceTime and Skype have allowed her to maintain consistent lessons with students across the country. As a graduate of Penn State University, studying with renowned "Bel Canto Can Belto" voice teacher Mary Saunders-Barton, and as a lifelong voice student and pedagogy apprentice of Julliard trained Suzanne Darley, Carrie has a wide range of experience singing and teaching legit musical theatre as well as mix/belt. If you'd like to learn more, and are interested in joining the studio, or just scheduling a session or two, please contact Carrie at carrielynbrandon@gmail.com


"It was such a pleasure to work with Carrie. She is so knowledgeable, helpful and kind, and she has helped me so much with improving the placement of my  voice. Everyone should work with her!"

-Lili G

"Under Carrie's coaching I have seen more vocal progress than from any other class or program. Her feedback is incredibly specific and she doesn't just fix poor vocal habits, she works with you to deconstruct the habits and figure out their cause. Having never met in person, I thought it was going to be near impossible to have successful virtual coaching, but Carrie is so knowledgeable, skilled and kind that I always left feeling that I had received the same good quality coaching online as I would have in person" -Anna M.

"I've been singing with Carrie for almost three months now and my voice has already changed so much.  It feels so much stronger, easier, and healthier.  Her lessons are fun, relaxed, and a little mind-blowing.  She is incredibly specific, flexible and intuitive, and she caters each lesson to what I need that day." -Ksa C.